From 2016 we take a break...

The idea with this event was to bridge the gap between the last Speed:World:Cup event in 2009 until a new organisation comes in place and takes charge of fixing a big speed-event again. Unfortunately nothing happens and still the debt from 2009 for the prize money is unpaid and it seems that speed-era for big events in Karpathos is over for this time. The Swedish speed sailors that have been the base for this event, have start looking at other alternatives. And at 2016 the Speed World Championships will be held at Fuerteventura. It is with a heavy heart that I have to declare that I will not arrange the Karpathos Speed event in 2016. I already miss the island, the people, the hotel and 'our' house, the food, the ice cream, the surfcenter, the crystal clear water and the gusty wind. Seven years and 16 weeks on Karpathos for me and my family. But many good things must come to a end...

Anders Björkqvist

If you want to take initiatives to get Karpathos back on the speed-map, feel free to contact me; anders(a)

Dirk Jan on top of reslut-list also 2015

14 days fly by quickly and it is time to make a summery of the 2015-weeks. In total we where only about 14 riders posting and only 9 riders that posted enough runs to make it to the result-list. Unbeatable was Dirk Jan Knol, but the second position alternating a lot, Johan, Christian Markus and Anders was challenging each other during the weeks. Also the other ongoing event Odyesse of Speed made it even more spicy, since we also had to do good alpha, hours etc.
Anyway, it was great to meet and dance with the winds. Here is the result-list of 2015:

Back on the island again!

I am back on Karpathos again for 2 magic weeks. Almost no Swedes are here this year, for many different reasons. And we, the Swedes, have been the base for the event. I had an idea not to run any event this year, but when I am here. And meet all the other guys, we will give it a try. Most guys from the Nederlands are here for 2 weeks so it will be a great fight fore sure!

Time to schedule 2015

For your planning the dates 2015:
We start Friday the 24:th and sail the last day Wednesday August the 5:th.
The format will be slightly changed. We will count one day less in the overall cup, and we will go for 5x10 seconds. A bit easier and more safe to sail about 180 m instead of 250m. But a bit more challenge  to do 5 good runs. See you in July!

Daniel the overall winner

With 5 daily wins, Daniel Borgelind ended up as the overall winner also this year. He almost used the same kit every day, Carbon Art SP53 and Neil Pryde 7,0. Congratulation! We conclude this year with some words about the event. The wind was not as good as the past 5 years. Especially the direction. It might depend on the unusual weather in Europe this summer. But out of 14 days we have sailed 13 days and always with speeds over 33 knots on 250 metres.
Next year we will change the format to 5x10 seconds that will suit the course better and make it a bit easier and safer. We will also change the ranking days to 4 days, so the riders that stays only one week have the chance to get a better score. Thanks for reading and thanks all participators and Elke and Chris!

See you again July 24th - Aug 5th 2015.

Overall Results KarpathosSpeed 2014

Last event day

The wind came finally from the perfect direction. It was easy to lean into the curve and let the magic hand lead us down the speed course. But the wind was not very strong, only around 20 knots. Dirk Jan excels this and finished at the top again, 40,1 knots over 2 seconds and 37,8 over 250 metres.

Pos Rider knots 250m
1 Dirk Jan Knol 37,77
2 Markus Emanulesson 36,75
3 Daniel Borgelind 36,06
4 Anders Bjorkqvist 36,04
5 Luca Arbouw 35,74
6 Tobias Hed 35,67
7 Henrick Schill 35,26
8 Johan Huitema 34,44
9 Oane Kingma 34,02
10 Markus Tauber 33,74
11 Ove Jansson 33,64
12 Adrian Kezele 33,58
13 Johan Gelander 33,17
14 Bjorn Engqvist 33,01
15 Anders Lundvall 32,68
16 Magnus Lundvall 32,23
17 Mats Ferner 30,51
18 Michael Nordstrom 28,7

West west west - Dirk Jan Knol

When we thought the angle could not become more square (with the wind from the west) the wind almost started to blow from the Pro Center...
Dirk Jan did already yesterday practice a new way of sailing the spot, going extremely high upwind into the bay and then shoot himself out in the bay in front of the launching area. We all tried to copy him, but today the original was most successful!

Speeds over 250 m:
Pos Rider 05-aug
1 Dirk Jan Knol 36,81
2 Markus Tauber 35,74
3 Markus Emanulesson 35,73
4 Anders Bjorkqvist 35,22
5 Tobias Hed 34,46
6 Oane Kingma 33,93
7 Daniel Borgelind 33,85
8 Johan Huitema 33,6
9 Ove Jansson 33,01
10 Armin Höfer 32,96
11 Anders Lundvall 32,1
12 Daniel EA Gustafsson 31,37
13 Mats Ferner 30,11
14 Magnus Lundvall 30,06
15 Michael Nordstrom 28,73

Daniel on the top again

The wind played around with us again all day and it was really hard to get many good runs. Even if there was a lottery, you need a little more to win than good luck. Daniel got a perfect ride and was able to take care of the wind too. 37,7 knots over 250m. Dirk Jan Knol and Oane Kingma set also some runs ltaer in the afternoon.

Good morning

We had really no good forecast for the second day of August but almost every rider where out on the water. As almost always in Karpathos the forecast from Windguru or Windfinder is not reliable. Anders Bjorkqvist lead ranking of the day, with 33,3 knots on 250m and +34 on top speed, followed by dirk Jan Knol and Markus Emanuelsson.

Pos Rider 02-aug
1 Anders Bjorkqvist 33,33
2 Dirk Jan Knol 33,05
3 Markus Emanulesson 31,55
4 Johan Gelander 31,44
5 Johan Huitema 31,17
6 Markus Tauber 31,07
7 Bjorn Engqvist 29,68
8 Tobias Hed 29,29
9 Mats Ferner 28,65
10 Oane Kingma 27,54
11 Anders Lundvall 24,72
12 Michael Nordstrom 20,55

A day to recover and the newcomers to get wet

Since we have a very strong forecast the coming days, most Swedes took a day off from the speed scene and visited both Olympus, Lefkos and some remote beaches which includes hilarious drives on rough roads. But in the light wind, Dirk Jan Knol set the best speed at Paradise Bay,
32, 97 knots over 250 m and 35,4 knots on top. Followed by his fellow "Friesländer" Luca Arbouw and Björn Enqvist.